5 Advantages
of Multiple Domain
Name Registration


While most companies are satisfied with a single domain name, some are spending a lot of money buying and maintaining multiple domains lately. Although search engine ranking is not a major factor contributing to this trend, there are much more reasons to it. This piece explores the precise reasons why companies are increasingly registering multiple domain names.
Let’s check them out:

• Multiple domain name registration boosts a company’s identity and brand

For instance, a company can own a domain name example, pricewaters.net, because the .com version was not available at the time of registration and it becomes available at a much later date. The business owner would make a wise decision to buy the pricewaters.com. This is because the .com extension is popular than the .et extension. So if they run a .net website, there’s a pretty good chance potential customers will mistakenly type the .com extension in their web browsers and be directed to a completely different website. But, if the same company owns the .com extension, the customer will be redirected to the original pricewater.net website. This will maintain and enhance a company’s brand and identity.

• Multiple domain name registration insulates your business from the competition

The rapid upsurge of the internet technology has led to the creation of many online businesses today. As a result, competition is stiffer than ever before. If your business is doing better than competitors, they might use unorthodox practices to bring you down. For example, they can register domain names that mimic yours, but with a different extension. Visitors who might be searching for your website but enters a wrong extension might end up in the competitors’ websites, and this means losing customers. Buying those domain names extensions will help you get ahead of such malpractices.

• Multiple domain name registration might increase your search engine rankings

If you intend to expand the scope of your online business, it would be wise to buy multiple domain names, especially country code Top-Level Domains such as .us, .uk, .eu and much more. Country code Top-Level domains enjoy top search engine rankings in that specific country. Adding country code Top-Level Domain to your website will give you an edge over competitors, as searchers from those countries who will stumble across your domain will be directed to your website. So it makes perfect sense to register multiple domain names.

• Multiple domain name registration fortifies your email security

It’s common to see website owners maintaining an entirely different domain extension for their main hosting email. Their main aim of doing so is to secure their emails. In this day and age, spammers are everywhere preying on email addresses and other private information to siphon money from credit cards and steal the identity. Maintaining a different domain name extension for your primary hosting email prevents people with bad intentions from getting your main email address to send spam emails. Spam emails are dangerous. Once you click on one, it’s game over. A hacker can begin to harness your private information easily and scam you in the future.

• Multiple domain name registration makes it easy for you to increase your business scope

Registering multiple country codes and city specific domain name extension can enable you to expand your business scope. This is more advantageous to e-commerce business owners, as they tend to target a geographical region to ensure efficient shipping. They can also target other regions where they don’t ship by selling digital products like ebooks, web elements, photos, apps and online tutorials.


While registering multiple domain names can be costly in the beginning, the RIO can be impressive in the long run. If you have resources to buy multiple domain names, and you want to stay ahead of competitors, then it’s a great decision to make.


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