The domain name landscape is so lucrative today. Statistically, more than 150, 000 websites are built each day. This only means one thing: Competition in the online space is intense. So choosing a domain name that increases your website’s visibility will ensure you stay in business for many years. The question is: What aspects should you consider before buying a domain name in order to get a domain name with a staying power? Here is a comprehensive rundown:

  •        Buy a domain name with high recall value

The main aim of creating a business website is to attract as many customers as possible and convert them into return customers. The only way return customers can find your site again is the recall value of your website. Your domain name determines the recall value of your site. If your domain name is easy to remember, customers will simply type in your domain name and land on your site again. On the contrary, if your domain name is complex and hard to remember, customers will not be able to find your website, as any attempt to type your domain name in the Google search box will return an error. Most customers simply find alternatives if they run into the first error. That’s why choosing a domain name with high recall value is paramount.

  •        Choose short domain name and domain name extension when performing domain name registration

A few years back, short domain name extensions like .com, .net. and .org were available at the first search. Today, you’re more likely to be met with a ‘’domain name already taken” tag when you perform domain search availability. More websites have mushroomed today, and lucrative domain names have already been taken. While short domain names have become scarce, the .com extension still rules regarding popularity because online searchers tend to type it up first before they think of another extension. If you can’t find a domain name with a .com extension, make a point to buy an expired domain or go to domain auction sites and buy one. You’ll pay a premium price, but it would be well worth it in the long run.

  •        Buy a domain name that’s relevant to your brand

In today’s competitive online marketplace, everyone is putting an extra effort to make their online business easily accessible by a single click of the mouse. This is only possible if your site can be found easily, and this means being on the first page of Google. The surefire way to ensure that consumers can find you easily is to choose a domain name that reflects your brand. Case in point: It would be useless to choose a domain name example when your business deals in computers. No client looking for the hottest computer deals will click on that domain name. It would make sense if you chose a domain name like

  •        Incorporate keywords before you register and buy a domain name

A search engine optimized domain name has the greatest possibilities for ranking high on Google than one that isn’t. Keywording is one surefire technique to optimize your domain name. When a customer searches for a product or service online, the URL is typically responsible for generating the result. So if your domain name lacks the necessary keywords, chances of your website appearing on the customer’s search pile is close to nil. However, just incorporating any keyword into your domain name won’t help. You must know popular phrases customers use to search out products in your niche online. Use Google analytics to determine this.

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